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Self-help: Charity

The other day I was putting my feet up to unwind after an arduous week which I had to play mom when some dude knocked on our door. He had a lot of baggage and I thought to myself why he was at our door since I wasn’t informed of an exterminator coming (he had a knapsack associated with meds and a bottle drawn cockroaches, so yeah am not a psychic, just observant).

The door was opened, as usual. He introduced himself to my bro.

He inquired if we had a container of some sort so as he could share the “mende (cockroach) murderer” with us. We got him one and he did just so. He also asked if we “have” those pesky rodents, you know, the rats and mice. Of course we have a mouse… for the comp though. hehehe

But, wait a sec…

There’s a rivulet that flows behind our house in this hood an you know what? No you don’t, so I’ll tell you. There are rats that are “squatters” on the banks of that stream. You know where they get their snacks? You are right, from the neighboring digs, including ours!! But most of us have put up measures to cub their menace and bar them from reaping where they didn’t sow (read keep out our homes!) by “serving” them rat and rat. Digressing…

Back to that dude (He didn’t give his name to me so I’ll keep calling him “dude”).

The dude had a powerful portion for that job too. How relieving! He shared that too. That night I served the rodents their “last supper” and boy oh boy it turned out to be so! For the roaches, their time will come since they aren’t here, yet. I exterminated them a while back.

The dude later told me he is working organization ‘Young Kenyans’ and they are doing the job voluntarily and one could contribute whatever amount they could. Unfortunately he found me on the broke side of life but since his “concoctions” were effective, how could I not chip in something to aid a fella, don’t ask how much, please 😉 . That’s why I’ve also blogged about them to extend my gratitude and maybe to come to ‘your’ rescue from those pesky insects and rodents. Good thing, he left their card:

                                          YOUNG KENYANS

                            Deltanet pest control & fumigation

We control:

  • Bats                                          Advocates for health care
  • Termites                                  and domestic hygiene.
  • Cockroaches                           0713 951395-Kevin Wanga
  • Mosquitoes                            0713 951395-Serah Wanjiru
  • Flies
  • Rodents etc

True Kenyans gives the support to Youth initiative


That’s it or almost. Rodent-free day to you mon ami.


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  1. August 9, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    hehe i like ur writing, n sorry for the lost job opportunity, life can be a bitch that way.

    • August 16, 2011 at 2:45 pm

      Oh, thank you, appreciate it. About the job, am cool now…bygones are just that, bygone, right? Apology for the belated reply.

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