Day by day we are anguished by the troubles of this world. None of us is immune to the predicaments of life. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy life. One can’t stop cruising in his/her Bugatti or Vitz just because of a few squashed bugs on the windscreen, right?

But then, when tempestuous moments arise that’s when we become tumult and thus try to figure out where to find aid. This has led to numerous self-help books being published (good business) and even fostering emergence of some quack religious people seeking to tap the monetary benefits of confused throng in want of spiritual help and guidance…

This is free spiritual help am sharing, from the Good Book, of course…. feel free to spread the love too. ;->

If you are sad, study John 14

If you’re nervous, study Psalm 51

If you are worried, study Matthew 6:19,34

If you are in danger, study Psalm 91

If your God seems far away, study Psalm 63

If you need to strengthen confidence, study Hebrews 11

If you’re alone and terrified, study Psalm 23

If you’re hard and critical, study 1 Corinthians 13

For knowing the secret of happiness, study Colossians 3:12-17

If you want peace and rest, study Matthew 11:25-30


Have you done so?  I’m affirmative you’ve already done so, but if not, here just a reminder.

Kenyans for Kenya

Cheque Deposit through K.C.B:

->Account Name: Kenyans for Kenya ->Account Number: 11 333 333 38 ->Branch Name: Moi Avenue ->Branch Clearing Code: 01100 ->Swift Code: KCBLKENX

Mobile Money Transfer:

  • M-PESA: Pay Bill Business number 11 11 11, Account number 11 11 11
  • Airtel Money Menu: Select SEND MONEY – Select Enter Nickname – Type REDCROSS – Enter your Amount – Enter PIN – Press SEND
  • yuCash Menu: Select SEND MONEY – Enter 200140 – Enter Kenya Red Cross Society as the Business Code – Enter you Amount followed by a short message – Enter PIN – Press OK
  • Orange Money: Pay Bill number 222 222                                                                                                                       : Send as many texts through the SMS number 2222

                                                                                   Source: Daily Nation of 17/8/11

 From Crazy Nairobian

  • 1) On M-Pesa Paybill to ‘10000’ Acc ‘feedke’
  •  2) On Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke’
  •  3) Online: kenyaredcross.org


  • Buy selected items at any Uchumi outlet and part of your purchase will go towards saving the lives of fellow Kenyans affected by famine through the Kenya Red Cross.
  • Buy the Kenyan4Kenya T-shirt at any Nakumatt and Naivas supermarkets.
  • Visit the website www.KenyansforKenya.org for more details.


Even the floods were experienced in these famine stricken areas, let’s not laugh at the irony life, no.

The fellows are still weak to harvest the waters, let’s harvest it for them. Hope this initiative, after feeding the families, to put plans, even if it’s to partner with the government, of cubing this crisis from recurring. There’s no need for me to say again the solution to this problem, it’s known by many and all.

That’s it or almost…

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