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“Children of nowadays, argh, they are annoyance scented!”

How many times have you encountered sentiments in similitude to the one above? I presume almost every day or as frequent as news bulletins. More often than not, it’s the elderly, the yester generation that is, that mutter those sentiments after seeing the y-generation misbehaving in dress code, mannerism, speech-wise, courtesy and every puny thing done by them.

Ever wondered why children of nowadays behave in contrast to the way the elderly purportedly behaved as children of them days (who was present at that time to ascertain?), more obedient…

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Book

Television has a role to play in applying the scent of annoyance to the children of nowadays, don’t you think? Well let’s see how:-

  • Tarzan runs around half-naked.
  • Cinderella returns home at ungodly hour (I hate this phrase “ungodly hour”. Does it mean those working to earn a living in a legal way are ungodly?)
  • Sleeping beauty is just too lazy.
  • Snow white lives with men, seven of them.
  • Pinocchio is a good liar.

May be TV has influenced the children of nowadays may be not. This is just a hypothesis.

That’s it or almost… If you know of other influences, feel free to share at the comment area. Ciao.

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