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How to Bind Your Documents and Be Good to the Environment

Binding your documents will make them look more professional and you can do so while making eco-friendly choices. Here are tips to help you do this:

  • Use recycled paper. Recycled paper is very easy to find these days. It looks and feels just like regular paper but using it is much better for the environment. You can even get recycled paper that’s pre-punched so you can save time when binding your work.
  • Use eco-friendly supplies.  Many of today’s binding methods use materials that aren’t too good for the environment, such as plastic combs. Luckily, there are some eco-friendly supplies available such as recycled coils and covers. There are also machines such as the Prima Paperlock system. This machine uses eco-friendly supplies that mimic the look of plastic comb binding. Documents can be recycled and you don’t need to take them apart.
  • Make it easy to recycle your work. If you want readers to recycle your documents when they’re done with them, make it easy for them to do so. Choose a non-permanent binding method such as coil binding or even plastic comb binding. Your readers can take the document apart to recycle it.
  • Shut down your machine when done. Finally, make sure you turn your binding machine off when you’re done with it. This helps save electricity.

It’s easy to bind your documents and be good to the environment. Give these tips a try so you can do your part to help out the planet.

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