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Epistle from Nature




Dear Human,

How are you doing? How’s life in your bungalow and the new bundle of joy you call baby and the one you call woman or is it wife? Hope all is well with you and your humble family. Don’t be perplexed on receiving this letter, but rather, be honored as this may be of concern to your bundle of joy’s future.

I’m a humble Elgon teak called Wangari Maathai from the Karura Dynasty and the aim of writing you is to reason with your on various issues that are of concern to our species’ future.

Your specie, Human, is causing havoc to our specie just because they have two roots to render them mobile, two branches to enable them use axes and those earsplitting machines they use in obliterating us and a desire to be granted those papers with presidents’ portraits and numbers of various denomination on the corners for the delivery of our dead loved ones delivered.

Some of your type tried to salvage my acquaintances and family members alike in the distant Mau Dynasty, but some of your type given titles like Minister, I presume it denotes their elite status, thwarted those plans. Some questioning whether it’s we Trees who bring you rain, what a shame!



Apart from bringing you rain for your crops to flourish, for your thirst, providing you food et cet era, do you know in what other ways we are of benefit to you, Human? Think of the air you breathe in, the one you’ve named oxygen, who provides it? Who cleans the air of what you’ve named carbon (IV) oxide?

Who gives you shade when the boss, Sun, shows of her splendor, huh! Who? Oh and there’s one of your kind right now depositing on my trunk some warm fluid from a projectile between its two roots. See, another one of your kind shitted on me just the other day, sickening! Wait; there is another one of your specie staggering towards me right now while trying to avoid something imaginary on this flat road. I wonder what its intentions are… argh, bite me! It has puked on me and its reeking that what you call alcohol, otutho, Yokozuna, (I wonder which name to use) argghh, disgusting!

See how we are of benefit to you, even offering lavatory services for free, and how you misuse, or rather, abuse us? Let’s continue though, I will survive.

Keep in mind that the herbal medicine you and the ingredient of the conventional medicines come from yours truly. In what do you bury your dead kind? Coffins, right? They are made of our dead kind. In your bungalow there is furniture and you already know what they are made of. May be that cozy chair you are seated on, the remains of my brother were used on it and may be every night you slumber on my mother-in-law’s remains. The tortures called examination you subject your seedlings are also written on paper that come from us.

Tourists came from far far away lands to admire our awe and off course, to be in awe of the four-legged kind, Animals, who reside among us Trees, we shelter them as they can’t live among you and you know why.

No need to talk about all the benefits derived from our kind because by now you know and you’ve known from long ago. So please I appeal to you to stop the ruin. Instead, let our kinds bundles of joys, whom you call seedlings, thrive. Plant more of us.

Please curb the disease called Humanae encroachmentae. It’s killing our kind really fast. We understand that you are trying to fill the earth but please, do so with proper planning, remembering you are not alone on this Blue Planet.

We’ve mourned the death of the one who was on the fore front in fighting for Tree rights, my name sake, but we as Trees mourn no more. We celebrate her life and pray that as Humans, you will pick up where she left.

That’s it… or almost. With the little said, without us your bundle of joy’s future is bleak, so do the weighing; your baby’s future being welcoming or your greed being satisfied at this moment and the bucket of repercussions being your gift to that baby when its grown. Make the right choice, won’t you?

  1. October 25, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Amazing! a fitting tribute for our trees!

  2. November 7, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Thanx G. And as Wangari Maathai said,”investing in the… conservation of the environment would be investing in peace”

  1. April 20, 2012 at 11:30 am

Thanks for your thoughts!

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