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Laughter is Evil… At times

How many times have you laughed today, more than five times? Why did you laugh or rather, what made you cheerful or laugh? May be it’s because:-

  • Just felt like giggling
  • You were tickled by someone: boy\girlfriend, wife\husband, child or sibling. end of thinking capacity (e.t.c)
  • A spoiled brat caused a tumult at the supermarket and you just can’t get enough of the amusement as you’re narrating the storo to you pal.
  • Your ribs were cracked by a comedy movie like 3 idiots or Big Bang Theory show.
  • You saw a poor bloke skid and fall (with a thud) in a pool of murky water.
  • Philip Mwaniki’s article on Zuqka Magazine about Nairobian Girl and all the negative my name-sake notices on them lasses just cracked you today.
  • You are\were reading through the ujinga ni… Facebook page. As you were\are about to own some of the ujinga ni … you were hit by the last line, ujinga ni kuiba ujinga za FB…
  • You are excited by the news that Kenyan troop is whipping the Al-Shabaab’s sitting articles real hard.
  • You or your best pal got a promotion at work.
  • Your foe just had a tragic encounter.
  • You’ve recalled that high school teacher or post-high school lecture who was good at twang.
  • Through the grapevine, you heard of that holy jo classmate of yours is expectant (lass) or is a wino (lad). Pity.
  • You were recalling the impish stuff you did with your classmates back in the days.
  • You took your shagz mondo friend to a five-star hotel and what s\he order, ugali mix.
  • You were in a bistro and heard a nine or so year-old girl protesting the chips have too much fat to affect her waistline.
  • Something amusing made you laugh.
  • Something mean was done to someone or a nasty thing befell them to make you laugh.

All in all, most amusing things are composed of mean things befalling someone not us.

Verdict: laughter is the best medicine and will continue to be the most prescribed of pills in all times earth wide.

That’s it… or almost. Have a jovial time and before you give way to laughter at someone’s misfortune, remember karma is a &!+(#.

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  1. December 3, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    I laughed because my friends kept joking about me partying with drug dealers and thinking faster than my actions.

    • December 6, 2011 at 12:24 pm

      Trying to laugh off the matter, eh! hehe. Its good you got the dose of the day… 🙂

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