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When it Rains

The sweltering sun pounds

On my hairless head

Sweat trickling down

My gleaming forehead

I take out my white hankie

To wipe the sweat

Off to look neat

As I take a seat at the Corner Café

To have a vanilla ice cream

And cool down a bit.



Seconds tick away

Giving way to minutes

But hours conquer

After a while

A cold zephyr sets in

Making me delicate body

Shiver rhythmically

Indicating a pullover I need

“Why didn’t I carry one?”

I curse inwardly.



Expectant clouds gather

In their heavenly maternity room

The cramps and labor pain

An indication of their

Readiness for fluid delivery.



When it precipitates

It rumbles thunderous

The labor pains of Cloud Mothers

The let out of spasm

The rumblings so deafening

Like shrieks from a cat-fight

Right in the heart

Of a buzzing town market.



When it drizzles

The delivery has commenced

The water bag has burst.




The iron sheet roof is clobbered

Fat drops of rain are borne

Bouncing babies in human terms

Ready to change the world

Brighten it green

The color of life

The aroma from dry soil

Oh, how sweet!



When it rains it pours…

It pours life to Mother Earth

Crops grow and prosper

Rivers and lakes swell in jolly

Aquatic life drowning in exhilaration

Food pours in abundance

From a prosperous and generous

Mother Earth and

The progeny of Mother Cloud.



When it showers

Cacophony is brewed

Traffic jam is born

At snail’s pace automobiles move

In proximity of bumper to bumper

A trip of ten minutes

Lengthened to an hour of more

Mudslides and landslides and

Floods causing havoc

To town and rural dwellers

Displacing people and

Destroying valuable properties.




When it rains

It makes dirty

The mud and brown water

We skid and fall on mud

Or try to be clean and…

Some cretin driver splashes you

Brown water on your way

To the awaited job interview.



Lightning strikes in the air

When it rains

Meting out fear

To puny humans below

Thunder follows

O another expectant Cloud

Groaning from labor pains

In anticipation to deliver.



All Mother Clouds are done

In fulfilling the Divine command

Of filling the earth.



The tranquility is welcoming

The bloom of flowers alluring

The termites rejoicing emancipation

From the ground below

The birds too in a jolly mood

Twittering about calling a banquet

Free food flying up and about

We too scrambling

For them sweet termites

A finger- licking delicacy to relish

Free beef from nature

But leaving rained on lions

Seem like innocent cats.



It so cold after the rains

The cold is penetrating to

The bone marrow

I’m pretty sure even my

Unborn children feel it

Fortunately my love Blanket

Is at her duty

Taking care of the chill.



When it rains


Nature is the best

Never late

Or sluggish

At her duty

Of rejuvenating the earth.




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