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Kerubo, Baraza, Bonoko

Kerubo sio mwoga,

Anafanya kazi pale Village Market,

Sasa Baraza akapita bila kukaguliwa,

Sasa kuenda kumpiga search,

Sindio akamchuna pua,

Sa kumchuna pua,

Akaambia bodyguard ampiga risasi,

Sa kukata, akakuja na kitu inaitwa bonoko,

Akamwekelea kwa tumbo,

Huyo sio mwoga, sio mwoga.


Baraza sio arrogant,

Alienda phamacy pale Village Market,

Sasa ju hapo awali aliencounter security issue,

Si akapita bila kupigwa search,

Sindio Kerubo akakimbia kumsearch,

Sa kuenda kumsearch,

Kukatokea altercation,

Sasa ati yeye hana kitu inaitwa bonoko,

Wakazozana tu kiasi,

Huyo sio arrogant, sio arrogant.


I’m sure you’ve been following the drama that unfolded at Village Market involving the Deputy Chief Justice and Ms. Kerubo, a sentinel at that place. I’ve been following it too with mixed feelings.

Who is to believe in this mêlée? The sentinel claims that she was threatened with a gun a claim the DCJ refutes because, in her own words, she owns no gun. The other sentries’ reports are also conflicting and the CCTV camera is keeping to itself (why are CCTVs mounted in premises yet they don’t help in times of need? Remember the Wanjiru’s saga, the mbio za sakafuni huishia kwa balcony? Selfish CCTVs, don’t you think?).

At first, I thought that the DCJ wasn’t on the wrong; that Ms. Kerubo should not have bothered frisking her since she is occupying a higher position in this country, just like no one would dare try to frisk his Excellency when he visits a public place.

Then I got to watch the flustered sentry in an interview on the telly. Her distraught face said more, much much more, than her words had to say. I doubt if she’ll return to that job, having laboured for just a month.

Add to that brawl the fact that Ms. Baraza is a senior person of the society, a leader who, in fact, most laypersons look to for inspiration, guidance and to emulate. She apologized, one quality of a leader but if she exercised self control, another quality of a leader, all this would have been averted. Also the fact that Ms. Kerubo is just a common Mwananchi going about her duty to the letter which isn’t stipulated anywhere that she need to know all the who-is-who as she dutifully goes about her job. If it were anybody else they would have to face the spank of the law.

Another aspect regarding the DCJ that I’m finding baffling is the way some of the elite are stressing the issue of her to resign. Were they praying for her removal from that position and now an opportunity has risen for them to act? Is there a speck of sinister motive for the resignation calling? I’m not them, so how can I know? They are the learned and are well verse in the law, so probably they are right, right?

I’m not trying to find out who was right or who was justified to act or react the way they did, let’s just leave that to the Judicial Service Commission, the police and to all it concerns. Most columnists, bloggers and writers have also debated about the matter and offered their many cents worth of advice or opinion, so who I’m I to add my plastic piece of advice that’s so brittle, so easy to break that it can’t stand the big shot’s opinions?


What about the bloke who’s too proud to be named twice? Isn’t Miguna just too proud for a mortal? I can only visualize him being the one pulling a gun to threaten a poor fellow going about their job! Why is he so wrapped up with the revealing of secrets which will just expose his dirty dealings? Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that the move is just daft and will brand Miguna stupid.

Maybe he should just munch a humble pie and move on, don’t you think? As the saying goes, if you love something (I wonder what’s to love here but I think it’s an apt saying, hehehe) set it free, when it comes back it’s yours to keep, if it doesn’t return, don’t cry over spilt milk but pick yourself up, dust yourself and look for a mustang, tame it, place a comfy saddle and move on with your life.

That’s it… or almost. Political analysts go through a lot in their job. I don’t think I’ll do this again, phew!

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  1. January 16, 2012 at 11:22 am

    HEHEHE….this one got me all smiles! 🙂

    • January 23, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      😉 can’t wait to see the tail-end of that ruckus…

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