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When I’m Gone…

“No Mr. Doc, it can’t be… it’s just darn impossible.”

“It is as it is, Mr. Ophil. Those are the results, and they can’t, they never lie.”

“But Doc, how, I mean, I’m a dude, how is it feasible for this, this to happen to me?”

“I was in awe too Ophil, when the result sheet was handed to me. But it’s possible.”

“Why, or rather, how Mr. Doc, hoooww? I’m a dude, for heaven’s sake!”

“The impracticalness, Ophil, would be when a lad had cervical and a lassie, prostate can…”

“I’m no inane, Mr. Doc…”

“Don’t you think I’m aware of that Mister O…?”

“Alright, alright, Doc, but, breast cancer, on me? Surely, it just can’t be.

My head is spinning fast, really fast, U.F.O. fast.

“Denial will not make the problem peter out and if you don’t do something about it, I presume your will is ready.”

“Mr. Doc, let my thinking faculty digest this then I’ll be back we work out a way forward, ok? Okay and please, stop the death jokes, they aren’t humorous in fact, they are more of death threats employed by weenies like the terrorists.”

“Ha-ha ha! Affirmative, Ophil, au revoir then.

“Adieu. Have a pleasant day.”

I head to my favorite spot in the locality where I like to ponder over thing affecting my life and think of possible way outs; why meditate on scriptures I’ve read and see where they are applicable in my mortal life for its betterment.

“Why has this happened on me?” I thought out loud, “but the Doc said ‘something can be done’. I’ll head there tomorrow so that the something can be done, and done very fast!”

“Good morrow Sir Doc? I’m back so we could discuss that something you mentioned the last time I was here.”

“Morning, welcome and please have seat. Last time you were such a verbose that I forgot to tell you the good news in regard to your situation.”

“Good news? Talk about my dying being good news, I guess I’m such a nobody that my demise is good news.”

“You’re at it again, what pessimist you are!”

“I’m just being real Doc.”

“The good news is that your condition is on the first stages of development and that means it’s treatable”

“Oh, good! When can I start the treatment?”

“Come slowly, mon a mie.

This got me thinking, how man beings get a chance like this; a second chance, an opportunity to postpone the expensive trip to Sheol.

All this time my thoughts lingered on when I’m gone. How will my lovely consort cope? When I’m gone, who’ll take care of my beautiful daughter, the personification of beauty; give her the adoration I bestowed on her in full measure? How long before I leave this place of the mortals to my resting place till resurrection? Will everything really be okay when I’m gone? –Sigh­–. Those thoughts of despondency weighed me done that I wasn’t myself.

You can imagine the feelings I had when told there was hope! How euphoric I was!

::> In case you’re wondering, the diagnosis of breast cancer in male, applies the same techniques — physical exams, mammograms, and biopsies (examining small samples of the tissue under a microscope) — that are used to diagnose breast cancer in women.  Symptoms of breast cancer in men are very similar to those in women§<::

“So Doc, what are the treatments available?”

“The same four treatments that are used in treating breast cancer in women — surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormones — are also used to treat the disease in men. The one major difference is that men with breast cancer respond much better to hormone treatments than women do. Many breast cancers have hormone receptors, that is, they have specific sites on the cancer cells where specific hormones like estrogen can act. Men are much more likely to have these receptors than women, making hormonal treatment more likely to be effective.”

Two years and four treatments later…

“The results of your second check-up are tremendous, Ophil! They show you are fully recovered and the chances of a recurrence are just minimal.”

“Wow! I can’t believe it, Doc. Thank you so very much for everything, thank you for giving me a chance to live again and raising this sweet daughter of mine.”

“All thanks to Jehovah, Ophil all this science is a product of the astuteness He bestowed on us.”

“All thanks to Him. We better be on our way so you can continue with your work, Doc. Thank you again. Ciao”

“Goodbye to you and have a splendid life ahead. Keep in touch.”

That’s it… or almost. This post was meant for October last year, the cancer awareness month, but I thought, “Everybody will be at it at that time” and it’s for both gender. So this is just a reminder to always have the check-ups as frequent as the doctors have recommended. And another thing, ladies, teach us men how to do self test as you’ve been taught and always take us with you for those tests, please! 🙂

>>Some info about diagnosis, symptoms ant treatment I got here <<


  • § Most male breast cancers are diagnosed when a man discovers a lump on his chest. However, unlike women, men tend to go to the doctor with more severe symptoms that often include bleeding from the nipple and abnormalities in the skin above the cancer. The cancer has already spread to the lymph nodes in a large number of these men.

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