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Gaudy Humble Abode

Virtually every being has a dream thing: domicile, automobile, laptop and anything worth dreaming of. I was resting my aching body after a strenuous day then I recalled how the coloured bulbs made the streets in town colourful he previous night. It’s not that I had not seen them before as we had a yellow bulb in our lavatory when I was but a mere boy, but I just got to thinking, what if my dream house had a different bulb colour for each room, how gaudy it would be!

Blond for Friendliness – Living Room

Yellow, the colour, is known to embody friendship as yellow flowers are given to acquaintances. The fact made me envision my living room under a yellow bulb; lit to embody my friendliness and also to be a show of welcoming and hospitality gesture. I want all my guests to feel welcomed by the serene ambiance of friendship. Always be yellow. And you’re always welcome to my place, including this web log.

Emerald for Veggies – Kitchenette

I’m certain you are now hungry from all the bantering we are having. Let me head to the green room and prepare something that will occupy the vacant tummy and quell the hunger. You might be thinking I’m a vegan by choosing green for the kitchen. That’s a wrong assumption you’re entertaining. I love meat (all kinds, thank you very much) like a graveyard. It’s just that green goes well with food and for a matter of fact, I’m a good cook so you can count on me to satisfy your whetted appetite – for food and food alone!

If I have green eyes because you are better in any way than me, I can just put poison in your food in the green room. Hehehe, don’t buy that.

Azure for Calmness – Lavatory

If I had not given you the clue, I’d ask which room you think a blue blub should light. You might be wondering, why cerulean, why not auburn or brown, the colour of ****? Well, don’t you just feel relaxed when making that call – short or long call? The bladder just can’t take it no more after searching for a cloakroom all over town and in the nick of time you find one, oh the relaxation, the calm, you feel when you are letting go… and, that’s why I chose blue for the blue room.

Sometimes the hustles of concrete jungle with automobiles, mortals and rickshaws as jungle animals make you weary and on returning home, the soap operas playing, like a tuba, your nerves, just make you settle for the lavatory with a newspaper to relax with as one does their business. Blue would be therapeutic to help calm the nerves and be cool and calm. Which colour would you prefer?

Pallid for Cleanliness – Bath Room

Cleanliness is next to godliness and what a better colour to symbolise that than white! But, maybe, dark lighting is needed with a strobe light for the ilk that likes having concerts in the frog kingdom, some with croaky sound to entertain the frogs, some with soft sounds to entertain I-don’t-know-who.

Cerise for Passion – Bed Room

In my opinion, this would be my favourite room seconded by the green room. Here is where my beauty personified wife and I would update each other on the daily happenings (where I talk twenty words and she tops up with her two hundred or two thousand words, depending on whether she’s a verbose or a taciturn, blissful, isn’t it?) and get to do what married couples do when alone, at night, it’s called marriage dues.

Here is where my library would be too for research, reading to pass time, scripture meditation and this; read other blogs as I commit pen-micide – strangling the pen to pen down blog post’s for this humble abode and also a stereo system for music (I love music, good music, from most if not all genres)

If my daughter(s) were fortunate to have their own rooms, they would be at liberty to choose their own colour bulbs or be okay with the white, pale bulbs.

What about the gazebo, how should it be lit? I’ll leave that for you to decide, you help will be highly appreciated.

With all said and probably done – in my mind’s eye, envision being at such a domicile. It would resemble a rainbow burglar’s den, wouldn’t it? I think it would be a rainbow’s residence, where fairy tale stories come to life… The problem is that those lights aren’t that bright and they’ll be u bother to those with not so good eye sights, pity.

That’s it… or almost. A gaudy humble abode in a naïveté’s mind’s eye.

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  1. February 25, 2012 at 8:03 am

    You had me with the green (I’ve seen well done light green cabinets in a kitchen) until you said poison 😉

    I wouldn’t do blue/azure in the ‘newspaper room’…it’s supposed to be serene but I associate it with ‘the blues’…just my thought

  2. March 6, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Hehe… the poison thing was just a by-the-way…
    Regarding the ‘newspaper room’, well, your thoughts are most welcomed.

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