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Some of the snaps I employ in my naïveté thoughts penned here are not sketched by me, I’m no graphic designer, yet. So to whom do they belong?

Well, some are Googled, these ones I give credit to where I’ve borrowed from by linking ‘em to their websites.

Some photos I edit myself after Googlling them to suit the article posted. But I’ll always give credit to where I got the original photo.

Some are from my friends comps (with permission of course!) but because of confidentiality, I don’t plaster their names in this wide web of the world.

Others are recovered materials from some storage devices passing though my phalanges and prompting my curiosity to explore the contents they possessed before landing on my paws. (Blame it on technology ;-)).

[Original Snap: Photo Credit]

Re-blogs & Borrowed Contents

Re-blogs are automatically linked to their original author or blog so there is no much ado about them.

Borrowed contents from hard-copy material, on the other hand, don’t have that privilege of auto-linking, trackback-ing, pingback-ing or whatever the action is called. Regarding this, all due credit will be given, either by stating the material and its author and/or linking to their website if available.

Blog Posts

 All the blog posts here are mine, copy-written to me! Hehehe… But you’re at liberty to borrow or share (either via social media or e-mail) and spread the love. 😉


Your comment or thoughts are highly appreciated by me so feel free to express them on any article you prefer. However, employ G- rate comments. Don’t use dirty lingo because they will just show what kind of a person you are and anonymity makes it worse because it may portray you as a sissy, no offence.


At times I’m caught up in the web of commitments away from the web of the wide world, commitments that can’t be let alone, but Dear Reader, don’t despair. I, most of the time, pen down articles when I’ve managed to cut through the web of commitments and emerge victorious (read when I’m free) which I’ll be scheduling them so as they be posting themselves when the web (of commitments not of the world wide)… entangles the mortal me again.

The inconvenience in this is…

… Belated Comment Replies

At instances of my being committed, it may seem I’m ignoring your comments but I’m not, really. Anyway, you’ll agree with me that it’s better to have a late lunch than not eat at all. Why, I appreciate your thoughts (comments) very much and even though I may not take a jiffy to reply, I’ll reply ‘em. Eventually.

Well, that’s it… or almost. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the thoughts of a naïveté being. (Feel free to subscribe for posts to be hand delivered to you via e-mail or RSS Feed.)

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