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Woke up late in the morning

When I was supposed to be in the office

I hadn’t even made tea

Picked up the phone to call the secretary

And paint a lie white

I called in sick

Who bears the blame; who’s the scapegoat?

The alarm clock, for consenting to snooze.


She’s got homework due today

She hasn’t started yet

The writing pad is still a blank page

It’s not that she was busy, no

It’s a four day weekend, so

She decided to fun and not do the job

Who bears the blame; who’s the scapegoat?

The Kenya Power company for the blackout.


I flopped in my national examination

The only solution is to rejoin school system

So as I can do better and my dreams to follow

Again, I flop

Because of abuse of drugs and alcohol

And haughtiness and manners so rot

Who bears the blame; who’s the scapegoat?

The teachers for not teaching properly.


My computer crushed

With all my research lost

I called in an I.T consultant

The problem: a Trojan horse

I never employed the use of anti virus

Now I’m paying for choosing that course

But who’s to blame; who’s the scapegoat?

The Internet.


He’s charged for raping an infant

He so much relished blue movies

Wanking was his stress reliever

With time the wanking became dreary

He wanted to experience the copulate act

And that has resulted to his misery

But who’s to blame for this; who’s the scapegoat?

Satan the mischievous sprite.


I choose to live la dolce vita

Ignoring the counsel to slow down

Because of my inanity I’m now a pauper

All that’s mine has gone

Forced to start life from scratch

What a terrible way to learn life’s lesson

Who’s to blame for my down fall; the scapegoat?

Not my idiocy but money per se.


A constituency is underdeveloped

During elections, they were bribed to vote someone

They obliged and felt intellectual

The constituents now regretting choosing that leader

Not one of the promises s/he’s performed

S/he’s now deaf to your petitions

Who’s to bear the blame; who’s the scapegoat?

The government.


You are living la vida loca

As if there’s no tomorrow

Spending dough as if you’re their maker

Till your pockets become hollow

But that can’t deter

You from living a vanity life, so

Who’s to blame for your lifestyle; the scapegoat?

Your parents for denying you that life before.


Blame Game: Pointing Finger[Original photo: Photo credit]
That’s it… or almost. Sometimes it appears easy to avoid taking responsibility when things go wrong in our watch but it’s trouble-free to take the responsibility of blaming others or things.


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