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The Sun Slept



The dews so refreshing

Morning odor so alluring

The awaiting adventure so inviting

In a day a lot happens

Clocks turn to experiences

As seconds rebirth to eons

Adventure; life’s creation.


Gentle are the sun’s rays

Brisk are the zephyr

Smiles turn to lasting friendships

“Hellos”, to “I dos”

Flowers to ladies

Frogs to princes

Turmoil to comfort

White lies to broken trust

Before the sun snoozes

A lot and a few happen.


A cake I bake

For the fun of it

A walk I take

From Kidiwa to Bindura

A stroll turns to an expedition

A bribe am about to take

But honesty prevails.


A day

To the lazy it’s a curse

To the bold it’s a challenge

To the pessimist; a half empty

To the optimist; a good quality glass

To the realist; a high-quality wine

To the dead; naught

To the calendar; a date

To me; a blessing

To you?

Dreams turn to veracity.


An apple a day

Keeps doctors away

A mango a day

Leaves “ninety nine” on the tree

A scripture a day

Keeps the devil away

A smile a day

Saves facial surgery fuss

A minute a day

Ticks the year away

Words turn to inspirations.


Beginnings turn to ends

Adventures to memories

Days to nights

Suns to moons

Singles to married

Web logs to websites

Expectant clouds to thunderstorms

Friends to foes

Children to adults

Oh, the quests we enjoy!

Until the sun sleeps.


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