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Why Avoid Porn?

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment

This post needs no introduction, or conclusion for that matter, so I’ll just delve and spit my mind like I just swallowed an insect. This Nephilim of an issue in the room has and will always be a tag-o-war, having opinions in approval and rejection sides pulling each other. Well, be as it may, here is the insect from my pharynx… porn;-

  • Distorts one’s view of the opposite sex.

Envision this: most times you land your eyes on the person or animal (bestiality, duh!) of the opposite gender you see a sex object and your mind’s eyes think of the good time you can have with that person (or animal *yuck, I know*). Will that be a cool thing? I don’t think so! This could even lead to an anti-social behavior.

  • Turn’s a person to a life of servitude; a slave to sexual urges.

We all love freedom and would kill for such. Now imagine being a slave in a freedom filled world; slave to sexual urges that may be resulting to a self-service tension relieving, wanking or in layman’s tongue, masturbating.

Did you know that masturbating makes one’s sex organs be stiff that they may not enjoy copulation with their marriage mate when one decides to settle’s down? How awful, since sexual dissatisfaction is one of the causes of promiscuity thus infidelity and the next thing you know, someone is paying alimony. Talk about digging your own tomb and burying yourself too! I haven’t said that the condition will remain permanent though, have I?

  • Cheapens, demeans, belittles or denigrates marriage bond.

Well, I’m just a twenty-two year young unmarried lad what do I really know about marriage? You may be surprised if I knew one or two things but let me not brag and appear a wannabe braggadocio seeking attention… Anyway, copulation was, rather, is intended for the married and I can bet a penny and two cents that those acting sex scenes aren’t married, are they? So in other words they are cheapening the marriage bond, right? I told you I know a thing or two, and I’m bragging ‘bout naught…

  • Weakens an individual’s conscience and resolve to do what’s good.

The Good Book stresses the admonition to “flee from fornication”. That’s a good thing, but does viewing or reading of pornographic materials make it a smooth sail to flee from fornication? Hardly! On the contrary, porn will be like the cheese on a rat trap, tempting situation arises and twarp!  the trap snaps at you. The next thing in line is we hear or see in the news that someone defiled an infant, a young boy was sodomized or someone committed suicide after realizing she was expectant and didn’t want to disappoint anyone or an abortion attempt led to death…

  • Imprints sordid images in the porn viewer’s mind that may prove hard to erase.

Pornography, like any other drug, is addictive but, unlike those other drugs, it is hard to remove it out of one’s system as the pictures, videos and/or the lit-erotica are impressed in the mind. Tell me of a detoxifying therapy, drug or whatever that’s going to achieve the removal of the sordid memory ingrained in the memory vault called brain, any in mind or Google or Wikipedia? Anyway, hard doesn’t mean impossible, right? So, for those hooked and wishing to quite can do so if they put in the needed effort and sacrifice and discipline.

  • Damages a person’s precious relationship with the Creator.

Whoever doesn’t want to be God’s friend raise your hand? No one! Who wants God to look down from the heavens, point at them and say, ‘That’s my friend, faithful friend, an integrity keeper.’? Okay, all of you put your paws down. So avoid porn to be God’s friend, period…

I didn’t know this until I was told a couple of years back. Did you know it? If not, now you know.

What I used to know is that porn actors and actresses were willing participants. Well, some are. Some, though, are victims of slavery, human trafficking, women and children being the majorly targeted. Picture your sister, wife, child, grand-mamma, that beautiful neighbor that alters your body’s mechanism when you see her or any other close person to you being coerced to do abomination! I don’t have to ask but I know you’ll be anguished, especially since they and you are helpless; they won’t be able to escape the situation and you won’t really be able to help them no matter how many coins you threw in the wishing well.

That’s my spitted bug. What about you, if you are against pornography, what are your reasons? Care to share?

So, what if one is already hooked to this drug? How can they be helped? Maybe that can be one of the future posts (I’m not promising anything, though), but if you can help a brother here, your help will be highly appreciated.

That’s it… or almost. What do you think, should porn be avoided or not and why? Is it harmful or harmless, why?



November 20, 2011 4 comments

Dip your hand into your pocket, for ladies, hand bag. Bring out your wallet. What’s in it? I – owe – you coupons? May be your ID card and other legal and travel documents? Perhaps a number of ATM cards? If this last guess is wrong then I’m terrible at guessing. Most likely your wallet, or hand bag for ladies, is containing some money; that makes you a Pessiah follower.

We all know of the Messiah and the numerous prophesies that marked his identity. There are several prophesies that touch on Pessiah’s existence and influence on humans too.

Pesa - Money

Pesa - Money

Let’s consider two or so of them prophesies.

Provide Protection – (Ecclesiastes 7:12, 10:19)

Pessiah was ordained to provide protection to those who might put their hands on. Think of the elite, who are itched with Pessiah’s dominance in their pockets or bank accounts. Pessiah is their magic wand for whatever they wish comes to be: if it’s a ‘good’ education for their children, a car only seen in movies, fairy tale wedding, and police as their puppets… just about anything as Pessiah can’t guarantee life after the last puff of air.

Why do you hustle, go to work or engage in some biashara? Why pursue education? Most probably, the reason is all too obvious; to have a secure future Pessiah-wise, right?

What enabled you to go through school to where you are now? What was the start-up capital comprised of? Cowry shells, sweets or Pessiah?

Money provides a defense against poverty and its attendant troubles, enabling persons to procure both necessities and luxuries and also, the ability of contributing toward the advancement of pure worship and giving material assistance to those in need.

Root of All Sorts of Injurious Things (1 Timothy 6:10)

Pessiah is not the root of all evil as many believe (probably you did believe that sentiment too). As we’ve deduced, Pessiah has benefits. But then what is it in Pessiah that causes evil? Good question. Well, the love of Pessiah is the root of all sorts of injurious things or evil in simple term.

What are the building blocks of red-light districts from time in memorial; the raison d’être of twilight girls services? Don’t dare tell me of poverty because there are other plentiful sources of income.

What aides in perverting justice in form of bribes?

What is the magnet that draws M-Pigs (pardon the title) together so as to facilitate smooth passing of bills of salary increment in the August House?

Why would a person arm themselves to the teeth and mug their fellow human or invade your domicile perhaps even injuring you or your family member in the process?

Why are x-rated websites as the numerous as the sands of the beach?

Some business partners go to the extent of murdering their associates thus the betrayal, why?

The marriage institution too is in shamble and the main culprit, Pessiah.

Pessiah has led many to falsify the truth too. Also, thirty pieces of silver (Pessiah) was used in the betrayal of a perfect man without sin, the son of the Almighty, the Messiah.

These two prophesies about the Pessiah are being fulfilled as prophesied and the evidence is there for all to witness. Pessiah is an excellent servant but a dire master at that. So wisdom is the key to demanding respect from Pessiah and an excellent servant Pessiah will turn out to be but greed, on the other hand, will turn Pessiah to a vicious master you’ll regret ever being enslaved to because you’ll find yourself stabbing yourself with many pains.

That’s it… or almost. My thoughts on what makes the world go round. Be wise when dealing with that world spinner. Remembering; Jah made man -> man made money -> money made man mad. 😉

FYI: In case you’re wondering, Pessiah is a word formed from: prefix Pes- from Pesa – Swahili word for Money and suffix –iah like Messiah.

Laughter is Evil… At times

November 18, 2011 2 comments

How many times have you laughed today, more than five times? Why did you laugh or rather, what made you cheerful or laugh? May be it’s because:-

  • Just felt like giggling
  • You were tickled by someone: boy\girlfriend, wife\husband, child or sibling. end of thinking capacity (e.t.c)
  • A spoiled brat caused a tumult at the supermarket and you just can’t get enough of the amusement as you’re narrating the storo to you pal.
  • Your ribs were cracked by a comedy movie like 3 idiots or Big Bang Theory show.
  • You saw a poor bloke skid and fall (with a thud) in a pool of murky water.
  • Philip Mwaniki’s article on Zuqka Magazine about Nairobian Girl and all the negative my name-sake notices on them lasses just cracked you today.
  • You are\were reading through the ujinga ni… Facebook page. As you were\are about to own some of the ujinga ni … you were hit by the last line, ujinga ni kuiba ujinga za FB…
  • You are excited by the news that Kenyan troop is whipping the Al-Shabaab’s sitting articles real hard.
  • You or your best pal got a promotion at work.
  • Your foe just had a tragic encounter.
  • You’ve recalled that high school teacher or post-high school lecture who was good at twang.
  • Through the grapevine, you heard of that holy jo classmate of yours is expectant (lass) or is a wino (lad). Pity.
  • You were recalling the impish stuff you did with your classmates back in the days.
  • You took your shagz mondo friend to a five-star hotel and what s\he order, ugali mix.
  • You were in a bistro and heard a nine or so year-old girl protesting the chips have too much fat to affect her waistline.
  • Something amusing made you laugh.
  • Something mean was done to someone or a nasty thing befell them to make you laugh.

All in all, most amusing things are composed of mean things befalling someone not us.

Verdict: laughter is the best medicine and will continue to be the most prescribed of pills in all times earth wide.

That’s it… or almost. Have a jovial time and before you give way to laughter at someone’s misfortune, remember karma is a &!+(#.

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September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

“Children of nowadays, argh, they are annoyance scented!”

How many times have you encountered sentiments in similitude to the one above? I presume almost every day or as frequent as news bulletins. More often than not, it’s the elderly, the yester generation that is, that mutter those sentiments after seeing the y-generation misbehaving in dress code, mannerism, speech-wise, courtesy and every puny thing done by them.

Ever wondered why children of nowadays behave in contrast to the way the elderly purportedly behaved as children of them days (who was present at that time to ascertain?), more obedient…

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Book

Television has a role to play in applying the scent of annoyance to the children of nowadays, don’t you think? Well let’s see how:-

  • Tarzan runs around half-naked.
  • Cinderella returns home at ungodly hour (I hate this phrase “ungodly hour”. Does it mean those working to earn a living in a legal way are ungodly?)
  • Sleeping beauty is just too lazy.
  • Snow white lives with men, seven of them.
  • Pinocchio is a good liar.

May be TV has influenced the children of nowadays may be not. This is just a hypothesis.

That’s it or almost… If you know of other influences, feel free to share at the comment area. Ciao.

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Drivers’ Courtesy

June 13, 2011 Leave a comment

As I was perusing one of Kenya’s newspapers the other day, this interesting “poll” taken by an observant Kenyan on drivers’ behavior caught my eyes. The findings were as follows:

  • Limousine drivers – Most tolerant and courteous
  • Nissan & Toyota Saloon drivers – Modest
  • Prado drivers – Speed nuts
  • Probox drivers – Best at overlapping
  • Matatu and GK (Government of Kenya) drivers – Runners-up at overlapping
  • Vitz drivers – Loudest hooters.

There you have it.

So which behavior do you exhibit as you cruise around in your wheels? Don’t answer me, I’ll be on the road as you misbehave. 🙂

Car pic



Have a traffic-headache free day, wont you? 😉

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