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Why Avoid Porn?

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment

This post needs no introduction, or conclusion for that matter, so I’ll just delve and spit my mind like I just swallowed an insect. This Nephilim of an issue in the room has and will always be a tag-o-war, having opinions in approval and rejection sides pulling each other. Well, be as it may, here is the insect from my pharynx… porn;-

  • Distorts one’s view of the opposite sex.

Envision this: most times you land your eyes on the person or animal (bestiality, duh!) of the opposite gender you see a sex object and your mind’s eyes think of the good time you can have with that person (or animal *yuck, I know*). Will that be a cool thing? I don’t think so! This could even lead to an anti-social behavior.

  • Turn’s a person to a life of servitude; a slave to sexual urges.

We all love freedom and would kill for such. Now imagine being a slave in a freedom filled world; slave to sexual urges that may be resulting to a self-service tension relieving, wanking or in layman’s tongue, masturbating.

Did you know that masturbating makes one’s sex organs be stiff that they may not enjoy copulation with their marriage mate when one decides to settle’s down? How awful, since sexual dissatisfaction is one of the causes of promiscuity thus infidelity and the next thing you know, someone is paying alimony. Talk about digging your own tomb and burying yourself too! I haven’t said that the condition will remain permanent though, have I?

  • Cheapens, demeans, belittles or denigrates marriage bond.

Well, I’m just a twenty-two year young unmarried lad what do I really know about marriage? You may be surprised if I knew one or two things but let me not brag and appear a wannabe braggadocio seeking attention… Anyway, copulation was, rather, is intended for the married and I can bet a penny and two cents that those acting sex scenes aren’t married, are they? So in other words they are cheapening the marriage bond, right? I told you I know a thing or two, and I’m bragging ‘bout naught…

  • Weakens an individual’s conscience and resolve to do what’s good.

The Good Book stresses the admonition to “flee from fornication”. That’s a good thing, but does viewing or reading of pornographic materials make it a smooth sail to flee from fornication? Hardly! On the contrary, porn will be like the cheese on a rat trap, tempting situation arises and twarp!  the trap snaps at you. The next thing in line is we hear or see in the news that someone defiled an infant, a young boy was sodomized or someone committed suicide after realizing she was expectant and didn’t want to disappoint anyone or an abortion attempt led to death…

  • Imprints sordid images in the porn viewer’s mind that may prove hard to erase.

Pornography, like any other drug, is addictive but, unlike those other drugs, it is hard to remove it out of one’s system as the pictures, videos and/or the lit-erotica are impressed in the mind. Tell me of a detoxifying therapy, drug or whatever that’s going to achieve the removal of the sordid memory ingrained in the memory vault called brain, any in mind or Google or Wikipedia? Anyway, hard doesn’t mean impossible, right? So, for those hooked and wishing to quite can do so if they put in the needed effort and sacrifice and discipline.

  • Damages a person’s precious relationship with the Creator.

Whoever doesn’t want to be God’s friend raise your hand? No one! Who wants God to look down from the heavens, point at them and say, ‘That’s my friend, faithful friend, an integrity keeper.’? Okay, all of you put your paws down. So avoid porn to be God’s friend, period…

I didn’t know this until I was told a couple of years back. Did you know it? If not, now you know.

What I used to know is that porn actors and actresses were willing participants. Well, some are. Some, though, are victims of slavery, human trafficking, women and children being the majorly targeted. Picture your sister, wife, child, grand-mamma, that beautiful neighbor that alters your body’s mechanism when you see her or any other close person to you being coerced to do abomination! I don’t have to ask but I know you’ll be anguished, especially since they and you are helpless; they won’t be able to escape the situation and you won’t really be able to help them no matter how many coins you threw in the wishing well.

That’s my spitted bug. What about you, if you are against pornography, what are your reasons? Care to share?

So, what if one is already hooked to this drug? How can they be helped? Maybe that can be one of the future posts (I’m not promising anything, though), but if you can help a brother here, your help will be highly appreciated.

That’s it… or almost. What do you think, should porn be avoided or not and why? Is it harmful or harmless, why?


Does God Exist?

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

‘That will be thirty shillings, mkubwa.’ Shoebbler replied after being asked the cost of shoe shining service by his first customer Mr. Mtanashati a long time ago.

Mtanashati had been tarmacking for eighteen months or so, surviving only on freelancing. As a freelancer, he made good dough, enough to see him through to the next new moon. But with his education, people, including his close relatives, thought he was just wasting his time right after having put the parents through thistles and thickets to pay for his higher education. Everybody urged him to get a real job and that’s how he sometimes found himself at Shoebbler’s to have his shoes taste some shoe polish when heading for an interview when invited.

Shoebbler was the local shoe shiner and cobbler, a verbose and loyal worker. Actually, most of the grapevine news Mtanashati gets from him.

This morning, Mtanashati was to head to yet another interview and so he had to look his best, as usual. This day Shoebbler wasn’t himself. He then started telling Mtanashati how God doesn’t exist, how his inexistence is a proof of all the lawlessness.

‘Just look around and see how people are suffering. If God existed, couldn’t he do something? Isn’t he the almighty, the one vigorous in power and with abundance of dynamic energy? ’ he said, to no one in particular.

He went on, sounding spiteful this time, ‘If God existed, why tolerate the misery that we the hapless suffer? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do children die…?  Look at Mpole; he was a staunch Christian, every Sunday with his bible going to the place of worship, now he owns nothing. His house razed to the ground, his wife leaving him thereafter for someone with more money. Why didn’t God do anything? Why is it that those doing bad always seem to thrive, the immoral, the ones doing phony business flourishing but the sincere ones languishing in poverty and dying emaciated like the wick of the candle they used all nights, all in doing what, goodness? ’

This astounded Mtanashati as a fortnight earlier, Shoebbler himself said he was relying to God for his very existence; that without Jehovah his life would be a behemoth of misery. All in all he quietly listened to him thinking how he can reason with his acquaintance.

Shoebbler was done, Mtanashati then stood up from the stool to take out his wallet and pay. When leaving, he caught sight of a very dirty person, with shoes having fish lips, another one with very dirty shoes resembling the Sahara desert, still another with shoes that could have been mistaken to have once belonged to Methuselah.

He turned back to Shoebbler and said, ‘Cobblers and shoe shiners don’t exist.’

Taken aback, Shoebbler replied, ‘How could you say that, are you insulting me? I’ve just polished your shoes right now; see how they are shiny that you can see your reflection on them!’

‘Well, look around Shoebbler, those people’s shoes are eye sores. Look at how dirty they are, not even miracles can salvage them.’

‘You are looking at the wrong way. Those people’s shoes are that way because they haven’t taken care of their shoes by taking them to cobblers and shoe shiners.’

‘So also we can’t blame God for just anything bad that happens to us and yet we haven’t sought him for guidance on how to live but look to ourselves and all the technology that makes us grander in our own eyes… By the way, did you know that God promises a better future for us? These tragic things happening to are temporary and God promises to undo them and reclaim the earth to its original state…’

The conversation went on for two minutes or so and the two promised to talk about the subject that evening at Mtanashati’s place.

That’s it… or almost.

Best Connection Ever

June 20, 2012 2 comments

~~~The Bible &; Your Cell Phone~~~

Can you imagine what would happen if we treated our Bible the same way we treat our cell phone?
*. If we always carried our Bible in our wallet, briefcase, on our belt, or in our purse?
*. If we looked through it several times a day?
*. If we went back to get it when we forgot it at home or at the office?
*. If we used it to send messages to our friends?
*. If we acted like we couldn’t live without it?
*. If we gave it as a gift to our young ones, for their own protection, and in order to stay in constant communication with them?
* And if we took it with us whenever we travel, just in case of an emergency?
Unlike a cell phone, the Bible never loses its signal:
We can connect with it anywhere.
We don’t have to worry about being low on minutes, because Jesus already paid the bill, and the minutes are unlimited.
And, best of all, there are no dropped calls, and the battery never loses its charge.

Emergency numbers:
*. When you are sad, dial John chapter 14.
*. When people talk about you, dial Psalm 27.
*. When you are nervous, dial Psalm 51.
*. When you are worried, dial Matthew 6:19,34.
*. When you are in danger, dial Psalm 91.
*. When God seems far off, dial Psalm 63.
*. When your faith needs strengthening, dial Hebrews 11.
*. When you are alone and afraid, dial Psalm 23.
*. When you are being harsh and critical, dial 1 Corinthians 13.
*. To find the secret to happiness, dial Colossians 3:12-17.
*. When you are sad and alone, dial Romans8:31-19.
*. When you are full of fear, dial 1 John 4:18.
*. When you desire peace and rest, dial Matthew 11:25-30.
*. When the world seems greater than God, dial Psalm 90.

That’s it… [Author]

Emergency Numbers

May 28, 2012 2 comments

When you’re in pain, DIAL Revelation 21:3-4
When you’re let down, DIAL Psalms 27
If you want to be fruitful, DIAL John 15
If sinned, DIAL Psalms 51
When anxious, DIAL Matthew 6:19-24
When you’re in danger, DIAL Psalms 91
When God seems far away, DIAL Acts 17:27
To know the secret of how you were formed Dial Psalms 139:14-16
When you need to boost your faith, DIAL Hebrews 11
When you’re alone and afraid, DIAL Psalms 23
When you’re bitter and critical, DIAL 1 Corinthians 13
To know the secret of Paul’s happiness, DIAL Colossians 3:12-17
When you feel you’re discouraged, DIAL Romans 8:31-39
When you want peace and rest, DIAL Matthew 11:25-30
When the world seems bigger than God, DIAL Psalms 90
When you prayers are rare and egocentrically, DIAL Psalms 67
When you need courage for a task, DIAL Joshua 1
How to get along with a neighbor, DIAL Romans 12
When you think about investments, DIAL Mark 10
When you’re depressed, DIAL Psalms 27
When in economic hardships DIAL Psalms 37:25
If you no longer trust people, DIAL 1 Corinthians 13
If you’re discourage by your work, DIAL Psalms 126
If you think the world is nothing and you’re great, DIAL Psalms 19
If it is about impatience simply Dial Habakkuk 2:3
If you are in the middle of disagreement quickly-dial Romans 12:17-21
When the tent of worries elopes you simply Dial Proverbs 24:10
When your heart is soured, don’t forget to Dial Psalms 73:21, 26, 28
If you want to remain in Jehovah’s tent Dial Psalms 15
When the spirit of melancholy grips you quickly-dial Romans 12:12
When fear grips just Dial Isaiah 41:10
The emergency numbers can be dialed directly. No help from an operator is needed.
All lines are open 24hours a day 7days a week 28/29/30/31 days a month 365/366 days a year.

That’s it… [Author]


November 20, 2011 4 comments

Dip your hand into your pocket, for ladies, hand bag. Bring out your wallet. What’s in it? I – owe – you coupons? May be your ID card and other legal and travel documents? Perhaps a number of ATM cards? If this last guess is wrong then I’m terrible at guessing. Most likely your wallet, or hand bag for ladies, is containing some money; that makes you a Pessiah follower.

We all know of the Messiah and the numerous prophesies that marked his identity. There are several prophesies that touch on Pessiah’s existence and influence on humans too.

Pesa - Money

Pesa - Money

Let’s consider two or so of them prophesies.

Provide Protection – (Ecclesiastes 7:12, 10:19)

Pessiah was ordained to provide protection to those who might put their hands on. Think of the elite, who are itched with Pessiah’s dominance in their pockets or bank accounts. Pessiah is their magic wand for whatever they wish comes to be: if it’s a ‘good’ education for their children, a car only seen in movies, fairy tale wedding, and police as their puppets… just about anything as Pessiah can’t guarantee life after the last puff of air.

Why do you hustle, go to work or engage in some biashara? Why pursue education? Most probably, the reason is all too obvious; to have a secure future Pessiah-wise, right?

What enabled you to go through school to where you are now? What was the start-up capital comprised of? Cowry shells, sweets or Pessiah?

Money provides a defense against poverty and its attendant troubles, enabling persons to procure both necessities and luxuries and also, the ability of contributing toward the advancement of pure worship and giving material assistance to those in need.

Root of All Sorts of Injurious Things (1 Timothy 6:10)

Pessiah is not the root of all evil as many believe (probably you did believe that sentiment too). As we’ve deduced, Pessiah has benefits. But then what is it in Pessiah that causes evil? Good question. Well, the love of Pessiah is the root of all sorts of injurious things or evil in simple term.

What are the building blocks of red-light districts from time in memorial; the raison d’être of twilight girls services? Don’t dare tell me of poverty because there are other plentiful sources of income.

What aides in perverting justice in form of bribes?

What is the magnet that draws M-Pigs (pardon the title) together so as to facilitate smooth passing of bills of salary increment in the August House?

Why would a person arm themselves to the teeth and mug their fellow human or invade your domicile perhaps even injuring you or your family member in the process?

Why are x-rated websites as the numerous as the sands of the beach?

Some business partners go to the extent of murdering their associates thus the betrayal, why?

The marriage institution too is in shamble and the main culprit, Pessiah.

Pessiah has led many to falsify the truth too. Also, thirty pieces of silver (Pessiah) was used in the betrayal of a perfect man without sin, the son of the Almighty, the Messiah.

These two prophesies about the Pessiah are being fulfilled as prophesied and the evidence is there for all to witness. Pessiah is an excellent servant but a dire master at that. So wisdom is the key to demanding respect from Pessiah and an excellent servant Pessiah will turn out to be but greed, on the other hand, will turn Pessiah to a vicious master you’ll regret ever being enslaved to because you’ll find yourself stabbing yourself with many pains.

That’s it… or almost. My thoughts on what makes the world go round. Be wise when dealing with that world spinner. Remembering; Jah made man -> man made money -> money made man mad. 😉

FYI: In case you’re wondering, Pessiah is a word formed from: prefix Pes- from Pesa – Swahili word for Money and suffix –iah like Messiah.


August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Day by day we are anguished by the troubles of this world. None of us is immune to the predicaments of life. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy life. One can’t stop cruising in his/her Bugatti or Vitz just because of a few squashed bugs on the windscreen, right?

But then, when tempestuous moments arise that’s when we become tumult and thus try to figure out where to find aid. This has led to numerous self-help books being published (good business) and even fostering emergence of some quack religious people seeking to tap the monetary benefits of confused throng in want of spiritual help and guidance…

This is free spiritual help am sharing, from the Good Book, of course…. feel free to spread the love too. ;->

If you are sad, study John 14

If you’re nervous, study Psalm 51

If you are worried, study Matthew 6:19,34

If you are in danger, study Psalm 91

If your God seems far away, study Psalm 63

If you need to strengthen confidence, study Hebrews 11

If you’re alone and terrified, study Psalm 23

If you’re hard and critical, study 1 Corinthians 13

For knowing the secret of happiness, study Colossians 3:12-17

If you want peace and rest, study Matthew 11:25-30


Have you done so?  I’m affirmative you’ve already done so, but if not, here just a reminder.

Kenyans for Kenya

Cheque Deposit through K.C.B:

->Account Name: Kenyans for Kenya ->Account Number: 11 333 333 38 ->Branch Name: Moi Avenue ->Branch Clearing Code: 01100 ->Swift Code: KCBLKENX

Mobile Money Transfer:

  • M-PESA: Pay Bill Business number 11 11 11, Account number 11 11 11
  • Airtel Money Menu: Select SEND MONEY – Select Enter Nickname – Type REDCROSS – Enter your Amount – Enter PIN – Press SEND
  • yuCash Menu: Select SEND MONEY – Enter 200140 – Enter Kenya Red Cross Society as the Business Code – Enter you Amount followed by a short message – Enter PIN – Press OK
  • Orange Money: Pay Bill number 222 222                                                                                                                       : Send as many texts through the SMS number 2222

                                                                                   Source: Daily Nation of 17/8/11

 From Crazy Nairobian

  • 1) On M-Pesa Paybill to ‘10000’ Acc ‘feedke’
  •  2) On Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke’
  •  3) Online:


  • Buy selected items at any Uchumi outlet and part of your purchase will go towards saving the lives of fellow Kenyans affected by famine through the Kenya Red Cross.
  • Buy the Kenyan4Kenya T-shirt at any Nakumatt and Naivas supermarkets.
  • Visit the website for more details.


Even the floods were experienced in these famine stricken areas, let’s not laugh at the irony life, no.

The fellows are still weak to harvest the waters, let’s harvest it for them. Hope this initiative, after feeding the families, to put plans, even if it’s to partner with the government, of cubing this crisis from recurring. There’s no need for me to say again the solution to this problem, it’s known by many and all.

That’s it or almost…

Some Timeless Principles from the Good Book

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

   Everyday there are complaints about people becoming ever worse in character and behavior. Where can we get guidance? May be from our Maker through His letter to us, The Good Book. Let,s have a glimpse at some of its principles and see if they are of aid to alleviate or at least bail us out from bondage of baddy.

These Principles are:-

The Golden Rule. “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them; this, in fact, is what the Law and the Prophets mean.”—Matthew 7:12.

your neighbor. “You must love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39) “Love does not work evil to one’s neighbor; therefore love is the law’s fulfillment.”—Romans 13:10.

Respect and honor others. “In brotherly love have tender affection for one another. In showing honor to one another take the lead.”—Romans 12:10.

Pursue peace. “Keep peace between one another.” (Mark 9:50) “If possible, as far as it depends upon you, be peaceable with all men.” (Romans 12:18) “Let us pursue the things making for peace.”—Romans 14:19.

Be forgiving. “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” (Matthew 6:12) “Become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another.”—Ephesians 4:32.

Be loyal, faithful. “Be faithful to your own wife and give your love to her alone. . . . Be happy with your wife and find your joy with the girl you married . . . Let her charms keep you happy; let her surround you with her love. . . . Why should you give your love to another woman? Why should you prefer the charms of another man’s wife?” (Proverbs 5:15-20, Today’s English Version) “The person faithful in what is least is faithful also in much, and the person unrighteous in what is least is unrighteous also in much.” (Luke 16:10) “What is looked for in stewards is for a man to be found faithful.”—1 Corinthians 4:2.

Be honest. “Can I be morally clean with wicked scales and with a bag of deceptive stone weights?” (Micah 6:11) “We trust we have an honest conscience, as we wish to conduct ourselves honestly in all things.”—Hebrews 13:18.

Be truthful, fair. “Hate what is bad, and love what is good, and give justice a place in the gate.” (Amos 5:15) “Speak truthfully with one another. With truth and the judgment of peace do your judging in your gates.” (Zechariah 8:16) “Now that you have put away falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor.”—Ephesians 4:25.

Be industrious, diligent. “Have you beheld a man skillful in his work? Before kings is where he will station himself.” (Proverbs 22:29) “Do not loiter at your business.” (Romans 12:11) “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as to Jehovah, and not to men.”—Colossians 3:23.

Be mild, compassionate, kind. “Clothe yourselves with the tender affections of compassion, kindness, lowliness of mind, mildness, and long-suffering.”—Colossians 3:12.

Conquer evil with good. “Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those persecuting you.” (Matthew 5:44) “Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.”—Romans 12:21.

Give God your best. “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment.”—Matthew 22:37, 38.

After reading this, will you still misbehave and act misanthropic. Have a splendid time live good, won’t you?

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